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I want to integrate DWR and struts. The website states that they have something called the Struts-Creator. The problem is I can't find any help other that setting it in the web.xml. Any help would be appreciated...
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exactly. I also gave the link for creator. But the thing is u cannot directly call an action, because then handling of actionforward cannot be proper. Lines from your link "but it does not allow you to share actions between DWR and Struts." So, you can very well extract the logic from your action classes to some DAO and call them directly using DWR.
I don't think there is a direct way of using DWR with struts. But u can create "creators" like follows

You can use struts form bean for creators. I have not done DWR in details, but will do in the coming days. Can't help much at the moment in integration of DWR with struts.
el_diosAuthor Commented:
>>I don't think there is a direct way of using DWR with struts

see this link

A creator is already supplied for struts...

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