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configuring Exhange in SBS 2003 when external domain mycompany.com is hosted by 3rd party (ISP)

I would like to utilize Exchange server module in SBS 2003. Actually the only reason we want to enable Exchange module is to use the Shared Calendars, etc. Currently we have our domain and domain email hosted/handled by Comcast, i.e., me@mycomany.com (not me@comcast.net). The SBS 2003 has a mycompany.local internal domain name.

1. Is there a way to enable Exchange so we can take advantage of the shared calendars feature but NOT handle the email?

2. If not, what is the best way to setup exchange to handle email whether its just internal email, external mail or a combination of both?

I would like the most stable setup we can accomplish because our IT staff is part time only.

Thanks ahead of time for any help I can get.
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Exchange is an email server.

Everything else is extras.

The calendaring functionality requires the email parts.
Once you configure Outlook to use Exchange, then Exchange becomes the dominant email service.

Therefore I would switch everything over to Exchange. Get your DNS set correctly so that email can be sent and received correctly. http://www.amset.info/exchange/dnsconfig.asp

Part time IT is no problem. I have sites with dedicated Exchange servers where email comes in directly and I look at the server once or twice a month at most.

jazbarAuthor Commented:
Simon...thank you for your knowledge. Let me follow-up w/ a couople of more issues:

1. Can I assume that I'm going to continue having the ISP handle the hosting and they will change the MX record on their side to point to my server (actually the modem/router they suppied)?

2. In the setup wizard do I specify the domain name as mycompany.com or mycompany.local?

3. My ISP is Comcast and quite frankly their tech support hasn't been much help. Do you know if I have to point to their smtp server (the server that they use for my mycompany.com email) or not, for my outgoing mail?

Again....thank you so much for your response.
All the ISP has to do is create a host to point to your IP address, then setup the MX record to point to the host. IP addresses cannot be an MX record.

Re-run the mail wizard and configure it for the .com version of your domain name. That should update everything.

As for the ISP, just ask them if you need to authenticate when you are sending email via their server. The reconfigure the SBS SMTP Connector to point to their server and enter the authentication details required.


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