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Random Computers cannot log on to Domain

Once in a while several computers just won't login into the domain.  I have to logon localy then change it to workgroup, then re-attach it to the domain and it will login successfully with the same profile.  Workstations are all XP Pro, and Server is windows 2003 standard.  Why does this keep happening?  
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Have you checked your event logs on your PDC?. Check the Directory Service event logs and DNS event logs on the Domain controller. Also what does the event logs say in the Workstation side?.

Are all these workstation lying behind one network device ie a Switch or router?.


Check the time (and timezone) on the clients.  If the time differs by more than 5 mins, kerberos will fail.
There may be other causes but like johnavz1 says, event logs will be the first place to look and I am sure you'll find some indication as to what the problem is...
"Why does this keep happening?"

It should NOT happen.  Once you set a domain server, and the clients attach to that domain, it should be stable.  Have you installed file and print sharing services on all systems including derver?  Is MS client for MS networks installed on all including server?  Are they all part of the same domain or workgroup?  Do you have NETBIOS installed on all systems over TCP/IP or IPX to find the server?  You have to have all these protocols on the systems to fix this instability.  If all else fails, you can reinstall networking on all systems to fix this ...

1.  go into windows networking and remove all protocols but TCP/IP.
2.  Go into device manager and remove the networking adapter.  Reboot.
3. when the system redetects the network card, it will ask you to setup the network.
4.  do that, and add back in all the protocols you were using in the previous setup, incl. DNS, gateway, etc.
5.  Share drive and make sure windows file and print sharing is enabled.
6.  Join the right domain or workgroup, using a new computer name, not old one.
7.  Browse for the computers, and create hotlinks to them.  You are done.

I am quite curious to know what you have seen. As I once had a similar problem but in my case it was a network segment where I had to update the firmware on one of my switches. However I am sure the event logs should help you clarify the situation.
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