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We have an active directory domain that consists of about 15 workstations (windows 2000, and a few xp), and a server (poweredge 2600, running windows 2000 server).  Last friday morning, all of a sudden, every computer started taking a long time to boot;  It stays a few minutes in the "applying computer settings" screen.  After typing in the username and password, it gets stuck in the "loading your personal settings" screen for about 10 minutes before it shows the desktop and finishes starting up.

Now, i've read other threads and mostly everybody seems to agree that this kind of problem has to do with a DNS error/misconfiguration.  But i'm not sure if we are experiencing DNS issues, because we have not changed any settings on either the server or any of the workstations.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do to troubleshoot this problem?
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On the server
1. is the primary DNS the IP of the Server itself (it should be).
2. set up WINS if you have not on the server

On ONE test
1. is the primary DNS IP the address of the file server (as opposed to an internet DNS)?  If not change it.
2. Set up WINS on this one station...pointing to the server IP


If #1 is not true that could be your problem.  It could also be something that worked anyway, until you made a change on the server, with Plesk.

If #2 fixes the problem, then there is possibly still a DNS issue, since WINS should not really be required.  No harm in using it, however.
since you run everything on a single server , I suppose you checked the load on the server?
Maybe the backup was still running , or some user was copying data?
Maybe some hardware problem in the server , like network card (check for corrupt packets or unusual high numers of Interrupts)
or an overheating cpu?
Was there a virus scan active on the server or another process that is disk-intensive?
krameirnoAuthor Commented:
New information:

Ok, the server is actually running Windows 2003.  I've checked the workstations, and most of them have an IP that is pointing to ISP's DNS.  Some of them are set to automatically obtain the DNS address. Other still, have the router's IP.

Meanwhile, the server's DNS settings are: 1. pointing to itself, 2. pointing to the DNS' ISP.

These computers have been configured this way for more than a year, so i'm not sure why it is not working anymore.

I've looked in the server's event viewer, and i've observed the following:

Ever since this problem started, event id 5773 has appeared at least once a day ever since.  At the same time, event id 12, which used to occur at least once a day, stopped happening when the problem began.  Lastly, there is event id 5774, that occurred about 10 times in a row, daily, before the problem began.  After the problem started, this event only occurs once per day.

event id 5773:
event source: netlogon

The following DNS server that is authoritative for the DNS domain controller locator records of this domain controller does not support dynamic DNS updates:

DNS server IP address:
Returned Response Code (RCODE): 4
Returned Status Code: 9004

Configure the DNS server to allow dynamic DNS updates or manually add the DNS reords from the file '%SystemRoot%\System32\Config\Netlogon.dns' to the DNS database.

event id: 5774
event source: NETLOGON

The dynamic registration of the DNS record ... failed on the following DNS server:

DNS server IP address:
Returned Response Code (RCODE): 0
Returned Status Code: 0

For computers and users to locate this domain controler, this record must be registered in DNS.

Error Value:  DNS RR set taht ought not exist, does exist.

Also, I tried to access the DNS Console through the administrative tools window, but it's not there, so it appears that it's not even setup on the server.
krameirnoAuthor Commented:
glenn_1984, what do you mean by "with plesk"?
Sorry about the plesk - I was thinking of another question.


The primary DNS on all PCs should be the server's IP.

Are you enabling Dynamic DNS?
If so, do you need it?

If NOT see:

On the server, you may want to:
Refresh DNS
Delete and Recreate DNS
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