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free robust pop3 connector for exchange server 2000

Hi, As my question title specifies I am looking for a robust pop3 connector that is even free.  Or please help me out in finding crack for some of the well known connectors like EFS (Email Forwarding Server-Advance), ARX POP3 Connector, eXchange POP3, IGetMail, Inox pop3 connector, Mail Essentials for Exchange, Native POP3 Connector, POP2Exchange, POPBeamer, POPcon etc. etc
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No such thing. Certainly not for free, unless you count the one in SBS.

You can only put robust and POP3 connector in the same sentence, if you are writing

"there are no robust POP3 connectors".

Use Exchange for what it is designed for - SMTP message delivery.
Exchange is an email server. POP3 is an server to email client protocol. Exchange is not a POP3 client.

ex_hemantAuthor Commented:
Dear Simon,

I know I can use Exchange for -SMTP message delivery.  But in my case where my actual mail server is remotely located and at my locations all of the users are configured to use outlook as a client to recieve mail from remote mail server, I want to setup Exchange to get mails from remote mail server and then I can configure local user's outlook to recieve mails from local Exchange server and not from Remote server directly.  In that case I require pop3 connector.

thanks for your comment but I cant ACCEPT as this not what I am looking for.
There are some products that come with a POP3 connector.  For example, GFI Mail Essentials, if you need SPAM protection anyway, this product comes with a pop3 connector.  Also, there are other products out there that come with one.  You might be able to kill two birds with one stone.  Just a thought, I don't know of any free ones either
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ex_hemantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment MCPjoe but this is not the solution to my problme I want free software which will work as pop3connector and I know lot of available on internet but non on them are forever free.  Pls somebody help me in this
Is accessing your email important to you and your users?
What is it worth?

My thoughts on this is you get what you pay for. For a good POP3 connector you will have to pay something.
Do you give your services away for free all the time?
ex_hemantAuthor Commented:
Yeah What you are saying is right and I should accept this.  Thanks all of you for valuable comments.


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