MCMS vs. Dreamweaver

Our company would like to develop a Web strategy around MCMS with hooks into Sharepoint Portal, our own Customer Care site, Professional Services, etc.

We are an ISV developing our own .NET product including a WebPortal product which seamlessly integrates with our offering.

From an asthetic point of view - We need a new website for several reasons, including:

Our public face should be consistent with our new corporate look and feel.
Our existing website is extremely simplistic, and does not adequately reflect who we are as a company or the sophistication of our product.
Modifying our current website in any real way presents technical challenges which no one internally is able to do with the exception of our developers on staff.

Our new website will be the public face. It will provide information to a variety of audiences, such as:

Prospective customers. This will be their first opportunity*, in some cases, to delve into the details of our company.
Microsoft employees looking for technical information about our product
Potential investors looking for information about Company
Press/other interested parties looking for general info about our Company and our products.
Providing the right information to the right visitors (and collecting the right information from the right people), in an easy-to-navigate environment.
Optimizing our site for search engine results.
Enabling our non-technical marketing staff to modify content on a regular basis; to create and delete pages for events; and to collect data from visitors.
Continuing to host our site internally
Ensuring that our technology environment is stable and secure.
Potentially creating the ability to link our website to our Microsoft Dynamics CRM database and provide online functionality including meeting/event registration.
Since we are an all Microsoft Shop, we have great synergies with MCMS with regards to Sharepoint integration, and our current Customer Care portal.

Now, the product that we choose needs to be easy enough for a non-developer to update the content on our Website.
For example: Webcasts, current news, etc.

The people that are developing our Website prototype is telling us that MCMS doesn't have the flexibility to allow for a non-developer to make changes, and that MCMS is challenging to work with... So they recommended "DreamWeaver" as the primary web platform.
I need to ask the experts and get your opinion -

Should we go with MCMS or Dreamweaver?

Or do we use MCMS with an additional tool that allows for updating our Web Content easily?

thanks all -



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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

I would suggest with MCMS

if MCMS is the option for you depends on your needs.MCMS includes an approval workflow and deployment process for content and also versioning - something ASP.NET 2.0 will not give you without additional
efforts. In addition it allows your authors to author as if they were in word by just entering content - no markup is required.
Authors only are allowed to update content. They cannot influence the look and feel if you don't like them to do this as they are not using VS.NET or whatsoever.

In addition you can assign the same user different rights on different parts of the site. E.g. author rights on one part and reader rights or approver rights on others.

If you don't need this functionality stay with ASP.NET only and keep developing as usually. CMS system are becoming more and more populare as they allow even your marketing people or secretaries to enter content without much training  if they are familiar with word. As there is an approval workflow it can be ensured that no wrong content gets published.

MCMS will not be outdated when ASP.NET 2.0 comes out. But MCMS will support all the ASP.NET 2.0 features with the upcoming service pack 2 after ASP.NET 2.0 is released.

In my experience the killer feature that MCMS has is Versioning & publishing. Every change to content is stored (excluding deleting but there are ways around that).

The reason this resonates so well is that large corporate's and government agencies are very much about Accountability/Auditing/Compliance. They must be able to know "What was on the homepage of the intranet on this date" or "An investor said they read something on this page on X date".

Also MCMS allows .NET development - this means that all the Microsoft applications that are .NET enabled (almost all of them) can integrate easily.

MCMS is an enterprise grade CMS system - DotNetNuke is Great but its not enterprise grade (ie. no support contracts / no support life cycle / etc.).

MCMS competes with products like Vignette & Interwoven but in my experience is a fraction of the price.

The licensing model of MCMS is good - with the introduction of Standard Edition it is affordable.

MCMS plays well with Microsoft SharePoint Products & Technologies.

I have not musch more idea about dreamweaver but its just designing tool and we can easily do that from this
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