SuperStack II Netbuilder router console access

We have a 3Com SuperStack II Netbuilder router that I'm trying to connect to through a console port in order to setup IP Network Management access.  I'm using a known good cable to connect to the console port from the COM1 port on my workstation.  I've set Hyperterminal to:

Baud :  9600
Data bits : 8
Parity:  None
Stop bits:  1
Flow Control:  None
Emulation:  VT100

When I attempt to connect, I never get a login screen.  Double clicking twice gives me two beeps and nothing else.  Is there a setting I have wrong, or am I required to use the Serial Web Utility mentioned in the documentation for the router that is now impossible to find on the 3Com website?  If so, where do I find this utility to download?
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jfradyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The NetBuilder II router uses a null modem cable with the settings pasted below.  You should not need the serial utility.  Which model is it you have?  Also - I find the 3Com site very easy to navigate and find documentation.  Here is the link to all the hardware manuals for the SSII NetBuilder series :

Connecting a PC, Terminal, or Modem
Connect a PC running a terminal emulation program, a terminal, or a modem to the console port on the SuperStack II bridge/router to configure the bridge/router software and review startup and system operation messages.

To connect a PC, terminal, or modem to the bridge/router, follow these steps:
1 .   Obtain a cable to connect the device to the console port on the bridge/router. See "Console Connector and Cables" on page 35 for cable pinouts.
The console port is a 9-pin male connector.
For the PC, use a 9-pin female to 9-pin female null modem-type cable.
For the terminal, use a 9-pin female to 25-pin null modem-type cable.
For the modem, use a 9-pin female to 25-pin male straight-through-type cable.
2 .   Connect one end of the cable to the console port on the SuperStack II system and the other end to the serial port on the back of your device.
3 .   Verify that configurable parameters of your device match the configuration settings of the console port specified in Table 5.
Table 5 Console Port Configuration Settings
Baud rate
Stop bits
Flow control

There did used to be some devices that had a wake up sequence like space, space, enter , enter, space, space etc. but the NetBuilders did not.  

Good luck!
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