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Posted on 2006-05-15
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Last Modified: 2010-04-15
I had a question about a program I was completing for a class assignment. I can't get the loop to work correctly. I keep getting a parse error, but can't figure out how to correct it and still work the way I wanted it to. This is the code for the lines in question:


      //initiate values
      float purchaseAmt = 0.00; //amount tax will be taken from - input from user
      float totalAmt = 0.00; //total amount after taxes are added
      double DelMarTax = 0.0725; //Del Mar tax amount
      double EncitnitasTax = 0.075; //Encitnitas tax amount
      double LaJollaTax = 0.0775; //La Jolla tax amount
      int iChoice; //choice of store from user input
      char rChoice; //choice to repeat program
            // Loop validates purchase amount to make sure it's greater than 0, otherwise it repeats
            printf("\n\nPlease enter the total purchase amount: "); // Prompts the user for purchase amount
            scanf("%f", &purchaseAmt);}  // Gets input from user
            while (purchaseAmt <= 0.00 || purchaseAmt == char); // If purchase amount less than or equal  to 0, or equals a char, reprompt user to enter correct amount

I can take out the purchaseAmt == char completely and the program still works, but if a char value is entered the progam just goes haywire and has to be closed. I was wanting to validate the input so that a char value would cause the program to just repromt. Is this possible? I've tried purchaseAmt = char, purchaseAmt != int, using && instead of ||.
Question by:rhivka
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Accepted Solution

Kent Olsen earned 1600 total points
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Hi rhivka,

char is a reserved word in C.  You cannot use an expression like "purchaseAmt == char".  That's where your parse error lies.

The scanf() will NOT store anything in purchaseAmt if the first character entered is a non-digit (or period).  If 12.4Z is entered, 12.4 is stored but you don't know about the Z.  Also, scanf() will leave the new-line character in the buffer so you haven't really read the entire line.  The next call to scanf() will "see" the new-line and think that an empty-line has been entered.

Try this for your scanf() line and test:

   field_count = scanf("%f%c",&PurchaseAmt,&LastCharacter);
   if (field_count == 2 && &LastCharacter = '\n')  // success
   else     // bad line

Of course, you'll have to define field_count and LastCharacter.

Good Luck!

Assisted Solution

cryptosid earned 400 total points
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char ?

I think your compiler should flag an error, char is a keyword which is used to declare a variable, you cannot use it there in that statement.

use this..

declare a string called strval with

char strval[20];

then use

instead of
scanf("%f", &purchaseAmt);}  // Gets input from user

now replace the while loop
while (purchaseAmt <= 0.00 || purchaseAmt == char);



atof() function converts the string to numeric value in floating point form. If it is unable to convert the string it returns 0.

this way you can achieve your objective.


Author Comment

ID: 16684931

   While your answer would work, I cannot use that in a Intro to C class :) He would wonder where in the world I got that... but thank you for explaining how to make it work.
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Expert Comment

by:Kent Olsen
ID: 16685655
Hi rhivka,

Sorry.  Should have been:

   field_count = scanf("%f%c",&PurchaseAmt,&LastCharacter<wbr/>);
   if (field_count == 2 && LastCharacter = '\n')  // success
   else     // bad line

Note the change on the if statement.


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