MPLS Config Needed for BT IP Clear 500pts

Hello can anyone supply me with a typical MPLS config for the end points.
From the central site I will have a 2811 going into BT's IP Clear MPLS cloud. This is I believe a 2M ATM connection. The other side of the cloud will be  remote sites connected through ADSL. BT Havn't supplied any WAN Addressing, so can somone show me a sample config?

This is BT IP CLEAR, all i need is the config for my end point 2811 router & the adsl configs for the remote site! I beleive BT will sort out whatever goes on inside the MPLS cloud?

thanks in advance!
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Is it plain vanilla ATM?
Is it MPLS layer 2?
Is it MPLS layer 3 VPN?
lowfellAuthor Commented:
This is plain vanilla BT IP Clear Frame relay from a 2811 this will be the Central site

I will also have 4 satellite sites that connect to this central site via adsl
Some pointers on these adsl configsd would also be appreciated.
many thanks.
lowfellAuthor Commented:
i have just accepted the above as no one has answered this and I want it closed
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