How do I limit the size of downloaded emails >>only when I am on dial-up<< in Outlook 2003?

I am using Outlook 2003 SP2.  When I travel i often use dial-up.  I want to be able to limit the size of downloaded emails while I am on dial-up.  I found where I can press Ctrl+Alt+S, Edit, click Inbox and limit the size of downloaded emails.  But this applies to the entire account and is not limited to only when I am on dial-up.  I had the option to limit email size while on dial-up in earlier version of Outlook.  

How do I limit the size of downloaded emails only when I am on dial-up in Outlook 2003?

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, brockmrt !

There is no way to limit the size of emails just for dial-up within Outlook 2003.  You found the way to limit the size.  Use this method when you are using dialup.  Then change it back when you are on LAN or broadband.

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you can tell it to only download headers or headers on messages that reach a size threshold.

Tools > options > Mail Setup tab > Send/Recieve button > choose the account you wish to limit from the left side > choose to only download headers for messages that are a certain size

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