Citrix Web Portal, only applications off one server work externally. Windows 2003 server, Citrix FP4.

Hey have a annoying issue.  I have a about 10 server farm of mixed fp3,fp4, and xpe metaframe servers running 2000 and 2003.  I just got my external web portal running.  Unfortunaley only one servers published applications work from the outside.  All published applications work internally from both the web portal and ICA Client.  When I launch a application from a differnt server I get a "You must have terminal server rights on this server. Make sure you have remote desktop user rights to access this application".   I have altaddr'ed all my internal servers to our public IP.  The firewall is forwarding all citrix traffic to one of my internal metaframe servers BL3.  Now here is the catch, which I assume is causing the issue, only the server that the firewall is forwarding has working aopplications.  I noticed when I attempt to launch the app on a different server my login, TS login, has my domain or my BL3 server.  I'm a domain admin so I have rights to all servers in the farm.  I've tried rerouting the citrix traffic to my web portal box, but that failed.  I even tried adding the BL3 server to the local Remote access list, but you can't add a machine to a local group.  Since I've got the external web portal running and apps can be run from the BL3 server it kinda works but isn't the best solution.  Any ideas?
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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> altaddr'ed all my internal servers to our public IP

Here is your problem.  If you are going to set it up this way then each of your internal citrix servers needs it's OWN UNIQUE external IP Address.  You can't just have 1 external IP Address when using Web Interface.

HOWEVER, you can install Citrix Secure Gateway (which is included with Citrix) and then only need 1 external IP Address.

Until you decide on this your web interface is not going to work correctly unless you have 10 external IP Addresses (one for each of your 10 citrix servers).
District51Author Commented:
Well I might not like the answer, but thank you for the help!  Guess I'll be looking into secure gateway.  Thanks again for your response!
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