Dual NICs same subnet

On a server running Windows Server 2003, what would be the effect of running dual NICs that aren't teamed on the same subnet? Different IPs but same subnet mask, same gateway, same switch. Does it harm network traffic or would it have no effect?

Thank you.
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georgecooldudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are you aware u can run multiply sites over the same nic using multiply IPs?

if both nics go into a seperate switch ports u wont get collisons. if they both go into a hub on the same subnet then they are all in the same collision domain and collisions will happen. However as ethernet can recover from collisons easily as long as the links are saturated
Hi achalmers2004,

you would effectively have two machines with the same name...... the idea of two NIC's is to have them as access to different subnets or teamed

you will get conflicting name errors
achalmers2004Author Commented:
So it wouldn't necessarily cause collisions or lost packets or anything like that?
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it wont even get that far, you will have to many other errors to worry about.....
achalmers2004Author Commented:
What kind of errors? The reason I ask is that I have a machine set up like this with the two NICs supporting different web sites.

What if you need two nics on one network?  For instance, on one of my servers I have websense running.  It requires two nics on the same network with different IP's.  I have this setup but I can't ping my gateway or resolve anything on this machine.  Odd thing is I can access network shares and RDP to the said system, but like I said can't ping the default gateway.  Am I missing something simple???
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