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I'm using Trend Micro and noticed that it's not being updated. I called trend and they say that since the firewall is enabled it can't update clients. I can't turn the firewall off. It says that due to a group policy it can't be turned off. There is no such group policy. I have submitted one question already and got one response but the nothing to my followup question since Thursday. I really need some help. I have 2003 SB server and all clients are using XP Pro SP2. Below is expert-exchange response but I can't find this to 'fix' it.
Comment from ganongj
Date: 05/11/2006 01:16PM CDT

If you are using a domain setup the setting (in Group Policy) is here:

Expand the “Computer Configuration” section.
Expand the “Administrative Templates” section.
Expand the “Network” section.
Expand the “Networks Connections” section.
Expand the “Windows Firewall” section.
Select “Standard Profile”.
PLEASE advise.

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Tim HolmanCommented:
What's the exact message you get when you try and disable the Windows XP SP2 firewall?  Or are you using a different client firewall?
Either way, these would only be restricting INCOMING connections, and by default, allowing all OUTGOING connections.  So a pull request from the AV client to the Trend AV server should have no problems, as OUTGOING connections are implicitly permitted.  Pulls are done over port 80, so if you can access the Internet from these clients, then there's no reason why you can't access the Trend download site and pull down updates.  Have you configured ISA on SBS?  Perhaps this is blocking AV downloads in some way?  Can you test the XP clients whilst bypassing the proxy?
If you're using OfficeScan on Windows XP, the best way around this, IMHO, is to use Trend's firewall client instead of the XP client.  This is available with the most current version of OfficeScan, which you should be able to update to if your subscription is current with Trend.
ksstmillerAuthor Commented:

thank you for getting back to me! The 'error' is at the top of the page within the 'Windows Firewall' window. It says 'For your security, some settings are controlled by group policy'. The firewall is turned on with no opportunity to turn off. I do have 'Don't allow exceptions' available to me. As far as Trend mirco is concerned the firewall has to be turned off in order to update. I asked if there is anyway around it....nope! I think I understand what you are saying. The clients are updated by the server so there is a request to the client to recieve update. With the firewall turned on that is not allowed. I have to say no to configuring ISA or SBS since I don't know what they are. sorry, new at this and I do apologize for being so ignorant. How do I test XP clients?

ksstmillerAuthor Commented:

thank you also for your answer. I'm calling trend micro now to see if this possible. They were NOT much help before.

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