Backup Exec 10d: What's the difference between the renaming a tape and relabeling a tape?

I want to give each of my 4mm tapes a unique name so it's easier to see where the specific backup jobs are located when restoring data.  I've tried renaming the tape and relabeling it, but when I put a new tape in the drive, it still displays the previous tape's name/label -- and I can't get it to refresh.  What's the deal?

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norganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
renameing a tape sets the name that backup exec see's it as in the media catalogues. when you relabel a tape it erases the tape and sets the name on the media itself.
i find that renaming a tape is sufficient to keep track, however if you ever loose that backup server and need to re-catalogue your tapes you will only see the media label.
scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This seems to be just another of the 100 bugs in backup exec, they seem to be endless. When you put the new tape in, does it have a label?  If not, maybe you can label it with a different name and BU exec can maybe see it as a different ?  You have no idea how many BU exec errors come in to expert exchange, it seems to be software with an endess string of flaws, probably should be replaced by something better....
norganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are some service packs for 10d, i am running it here and do not have problems with labeling with all the latest patches and service packs.
fuze44Author Commented:
Scrathcyboy, when I put a tape in, nothing changes under the media or device view.  I expected it to refresh with the latest media info, but I have to inventory it to get the name to appear.  Frustrating.

Thanks for the info, everyone.
Yep, that is the way it works, and yes it is frustrating.
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