Automatic Sequence of Two Windows or Pop-Up Then Default to Specific Page within the Website

Desired action:  Visitor types in a website address which includes a subfile name (i.e.  Two windows open - a pop-up or redirect on top and an internal page (abc) in the background or next in an automatic sequence.  The pop-up runs its course and quits.  The visitor closes that window, and the abc window displays.  

This is being done on a website from Yahoo using the Geocities interface.  That should tell you what server application is being used.  I do know it is NOT one that can use a .asp file; therefore, I assume it is either I I S or Apache.  

Please provide me with the code that is required to achieve the desired sequence with these other applications.  Geocities offers a PHP editor and a Perl editor along with HTML, if that helps.  

It does not matter to me it this is done using pop-up or just a sequence in the same window - in fact, the latter is probably preferable because then it would not be defeated by pop-up blockers, and my potential viewers/visitors would not have to disable their blockers.  

Thank you.
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zomarevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you need a 'wizard' that takes visitor from Page1 to Page2?

Direct visitor to initial page of the sequence Page1. On Page1 provide a button <INPUT> that executes JavaScript that does client-side re-direct to Page2:

onclick="JavaScript::window.location = ''"
tmeschkoAuthor Commented:
How long does it take to get "Instant Answers"?
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