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ASP.NET 2.0 Button One Click

Ok, so this was an issue in 1.1 but I could always do a work around using this.Page.GetPostBackEventReference(this) to force the post and some javascript. Now with 2.0 I can't seem to get it to work. Anyone got a good solution for 2.0 that allows a button/image button to be clicked only once?
You can't set it to disabled=true because then the server side will presume it is disabled. And the data won't be posted correctly.
I can't figure out where the WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions is done, any ideas on that one as well?
ok, if anyone knows or has the server control that will work for either imagebutton or button for this I appreciate it.
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I used to use this approach:

<asp:Button ID="btn" onClick="ServerMethod()" onClientClick="this.enabled=false;" Text="Click Once!" />

for better work, put the enable=false into a javascript function and then you can use it for more..
jj819430Author Commented:
this still gives the same issue.... the button doesn't post back once.
jj819430Author Commented:
nvm solved it myself.
Basically created a server control that writes out 2 divs, 1) = the button or image button, 1 = the stuff to show while the backend is processing.
wrap the onclick event of the button/imagebutton with the following javascript code at the pre-render state
if(Page_ClientValidate( TheValidationGroupName )){ myScript; TheOriginalOnClick;}

the I created a small javascript framework that gets called and swaps out the display property of the divs.

Credit for where I started goes to Mike Ellision

You will want to re-write a bunch of it but it is a great way to start to solve this problem. Today mike is my hero

But remember to update the system to work in 2.0 correctly and support groupvalidations


I'm looking for the same functionality for my image button. Can I get a copy of your button? Many thanks
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