Microsoft Visio 2003 Performance Issues on Image Overlay

I have a user - one of our technical drawing staff - who is having severe issues with Visio performance, specifically when he imports a picture (jpg, typically) and scales it for use as a background or overlay in a drawing, then zooms into the drawing.  The problem is worse the more he zooms; any actions taken can take several seconds to refresh onscreen.

The machine he is using is highly specced for his role; it is a P4 3GHz (hyperthreaded) with 2GB of RAM and a Matrox Millenium G650 video card.

Utilization on the first virtual processor leaps to about 60% when the problem occurs; for example, I zoomed into a document displaying the problem and used the nudge controls to move a line up and down; each nudge took about two seconds to refresh onscreen and the processor hovered around the 60% mark.  Neither memory usage or page file usage changed appreciably.

I have attempted to use macros to control the ScreenUpdating and ShowChanges parameters, but these generally made the program unuseable.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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ddhammConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think bruintje is on the right track (with checking on the graphics adapter)  I looked up the Matrox support site and they have a forum where you could ask for help that is specific to your video card.

I hope it isn't wrong to suggest you go to the manufacturer's support site, but I think that is what you need.

Is the computer a Dell?  I read a specific thing that some Dells using that Matrox card needed a bios upgrade on the Dell computer:

Matrox has a page for files to upgrade the bios on the cards:

But I would post on that Matrox support site first before doing any card bios upgrade.


Hi awtgroup,

just 2 general remarks

1. you could try to reduce the hardware acceleration setting under Start | Control Panel | Display | Advanced | Troubleshooting
2. other thing to try is to check the website of the manufacturer of your graphics adapter to see if an updated graphics driver available

hope this helps a bit
Also, has the user downloaded and installed all the MS Office updates?  There is a service patch for Visio 2003.  I can't see the problem you mentioned as a particular fix, but often these service patches fix various problems like the one you mentioned:

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awtgroupAuthor Commented:
Tested both of these on your suggestion, and unfortunately no change is evident.  It's entirely possible the entire video card is at fault, however.  I'll be looking at changing this out for testing today.

Again, actioned your suggestion on this one, but also no change.

Thanks to both of you for the suggestions, however.

>>I hope it isn't wrong to suggest you go to the manufacturer's support site

it's not, long as an eventual solution is posted in this thread too :)
awtgroupAuthor Commented:
Apologies... have been away for a while.  Didn't intend for this question to become abandoned.

I haven't actually checked the results, but DeeDee's answer makes the most sense; I'll attempt a bios upgrade and post a better response once I have one.


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