Netbeans converting of struts to EJB


I am trying to convert some of my struts module to EJB which i could manage without IDE. However i need to use an IDE for integration and i do not know how to do that in Netbeans 5. Below are my questions:

1) What do i need to do to Netbeans 5 IDE to enable my Struts Netbean 5 project to be able to run EJB? The way i am going to do it is to lookup the EJB at the struts action and i will code the home, remote and bean but i do not know wat components or steps to add to the current struts Netbeans project to enable this and make it generate the stubs , skel etc. It would be great if any experts can list down the steps here or put me to a link.

2) How do i create the war and jars for deployment?

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bloodredsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1./ Run something like JBoss to run the EJBs

2./Use ANT
pajiaoAuthor Commented:
1) JBoss isnt part of Netbeans am i right? I need to work within Netbeans.

2) ANT is not within Netbean. Any other way to work it within Netbeans?
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