Default opening application for PDF doesn't save

I have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro 7 on our system.  I later installed Adobe Reader 7, and during installation I was asked which I wanted to open PDFs.  I chose Adobe Reader.  However, the default application for PDFs is still on Acrobat Pro.  When I try and change this (through File Types...) as local or a domain admin, the setting doesn't save, stick, stay - whatever you want to call it.  I can click OK on these options, go back into them and find it is still calling Acrobat Pro.

Any ideas?  Full marks to go to a quick answer.
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bevco7Author Commented:
The value for AcrobatPDF (or similar; NOT the .pdf key) key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT wasn't updating when clicking OK here.  Went into the registry and manually changed attribute to point to Reader, working fine now.
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