Blocking AIM with linksys firewall

On my home network, I want the ability to block american online instant messenging when people are connected wirlessly.  It's the same two laptops.  I have a standard linksys router/firewall.  Is there an easy way to block that port and how do you do it?
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Thanatos2kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ugh it appears AIM will try port 80, 113, 21, etc if it can't get on 5190. So the only way to do it will be to block the whole AOL network like Tim suggested. I don't think your linksys can do this by default, but you can with custom firmware like what is available at or
Tim HolmanCommented:
Easiest way is to block the AOL netblock - that way, they can't access any AOL content (including Web AIM Messenger, which is what they may use if they find the AIM client no longer works):

block netblock
block netblock
Port 5190 is the port number AIM uses, so simply blocking that port number would do the trick.

Log into your linksys, click "Access Restrictions" tab, then the "internet access" subtab. From there, go to where it says "Add/edit Service" Under "blocked services" and add an entry for AIM using TCP&UDP on port range 5190-5190. Click Add, then Apply, then Close. Then click one of the "Blocked Services" drop down lists and select AIM. This will activate the AIM filter. One last step is to ensure that the filtering is "On", so at the top of that page make sure it says "Enabled" (just click Enabled if it isn't already enabled.) After that just click the "Save Settings" button and you should be done. Test it out to make sure it worked!

Good Luck!
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