Automatically send SMS from mobile device in java app


I am looking to write a java application to run on my mobile phone (SonyEricsson W800i) which can send an SMS message automatically. I have looked around the net but not found anything exactly like what I'm looking for. I've not done any mobile development but am reasonably experienced with java programming in general.
Any pointers would be useful.
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sreenathkConnect With a Mentor Commented:

 You have to start reading J2ME architecture mainly. In that you have to concentrate on JSR 120 which is Messaging API.  Now the trick is to write your own application your mobile should support J2ME with JSR 120. If your mobile supports above, you can write application which can send SMS automatically. But I guess in net there are many applications available already. Please search once again.  JSR 120 clearly gives all the  APIs to use messaging.

FYI: There are some more JSRs which are defining Messaging (like SMS. MMS. Camera etc) search in sun java site. Plenty of info is available.

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