Trend Micro IMSS problem sending email

Hi everybody,
I'm installing Trend Interscan Message Security Suite working with Novell Goupwise GWIA (6.5.4).

Initial configuration was: GWIA send directly email and receive via a relay server to my provider (where is the mx record of mai domain).
The final configuration that I want to obtain is: GWIA send and receive trough IMSS (where mx record will be)

The first thing that I've tried is to send email trough IMSS (inserting the  IMSS ip address on the "Relay host for outbound messages" GW parameter).
Mail are sent to all domains except

The error obtained is "DNS query or connect server fail, no branch"

Someone can help me?

Mattia MinerviniAsked:
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Sounds like DNS resolution is not properly configired on the GWIA server (the OS, not the NLM). Or that the host that you gave it is not correctly registered in DNS.

You can substitute an IP address instead. If that works, then you've narrowed the problem to a name resolution issue. If that doesn't help, then its a communication issue.
Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
GWIA works fine, the problem appear when I try to send emails trough IMSS.

Now I've other informations: When i send an email to the domain i see in IMSS log that the DNS resolution works fine. The IMSS server try to connect with 4 different mx severs (, etc.) then the error appears and the mail is queued to be resent again.
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OK....if GWIA is handing off outbound E-Mail to the IMSS box, and the IMSS box is having problems, then I'm wondering how this is a GroupWise issue.

In any event, if you do not have an SPF or MX record that indicates your IMSS box is a legitimate mailserver for your Domain(s), then this may be the basis on which AOL is rejecting your E-Mail.
Is the A record for the IMSS hostname in the GWIA config?  When you start with outbound going direct from GWIA and change it to passing it through a relay host, it's easy to forget, and leave the GWIA server's hostname in the A record setting of the GWIA config.
Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
I'm asking to close this question.
I have simply a problem about Reverse Dns Lookup.
No problem. Glad it's solved.
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