How do I report on multi databases including tables with nill data?

Sorry I don't know the best way to describe this problem.

I need to report on multi databases but some of the tables will not have the information required to link...

Here an EXAMPLE to illustrate the problem:

The report is on FRUIT.

There is a "FRUITS" database of 4 Fruit Names with Fruit Codes: Apple:APL001 ,    Pear:PER001,     Banana:BAN001,     Orange:ORA001
And a "SEEDS" database of 3 Fruit with Seeds:  APL001:Seeds,    PER001:Seeds,   ORA001:Seeds

The Link between the databases will be on the FRUIT CODE.

I would like to report on Fruit showing Fruits Names and detailing if the Fruit have Seeds or not.

The desired result should look like:

Fruit Name          Has Seeds?
Apple                     Seeds
Banana                  [Blank]
Orange                  Seeds
Pear                      Seeds

Because there isn't a record of 'Bananas' or 'BAN001' in the SEEDS Database my report only shows the Fruit that do have seeds (or exist in the SEEDS database).

Fruit Name          Has Seeds?
Apple                     YES
Orange                  YES
Pear                      YES

How can I get Crystal Reports to show all values including blank records?

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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mchallinor,
When you have added the two tables to your report you will get the Links view displayed.
In this view you need to double click the join-line and set it to a left outer join (from Fruits to seeds)

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