Recovery tool for linux Mysql database.


I have required recovery tool for linux My sql files, which is work on online environment.

Good tool required urgently.

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorAsked:
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cjl7Connect With a Mentor freelance for hireCommented:

mysqldump - take backups of your system

mysql - restore your backups...


Use mysqladmin

Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorAuthor Commented:
No we need rpm which recover our data .

I know abt back up.
sodap0pConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your entire DB corrupt or do you have corrupt tables? In most cases, you will encounter a corrupt table, for which you can use one of the following tools:

this command can be run while the database is up
* log into mysql and run: REPAIR TABLE yourtablename;

this command only works on MyISAM tables and can be run while the database is up
* from the command line, run: mysqlcheck -r yourdatabasename yourtablename -uusername -ppassword

In the unfortunate event that the database files were deleted, or something of that nature, you would have to restore from some sort of backup....
cjl7freelance for hireCommented:
Well in order to recover data you need to backup that data first...

If you want a backup-solution (Legato Networker, Veritas Netbackup, Arkeia, amanda, baccula) are some of your options.

But they are not cheep/simple/included...

In any case they would still have to use mysqldump in order to backup the data... (that's the only way of doing online backups)

(NOTE: yes, I know you can do it using sql but that is not really an option...)

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