How to share folder between windows host machine and fedora 4 guest machine in wmware ?

I've just studied about linux and want to make it easier  i used wmware virtual machine to install Fedora core 4 .
I want to exchange data between my host OS (Windows Server 2003) and this virtual OS(FC4) but don't know how yet ? Can any expert help me ? thanks so much
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You have to
a) configure SAMBA on the Linux host to be part of the "network" that you Windows "VMWARE" machine belongs to. Also configure shares on the Linux box that can be accessed from the Windows "box"
b) Configure networking on the VMWare Windows machine to share files and be accessible on the workgroup you congigure it in.
blue_hunterTechnical ConsultantCommented:
1. make sure you enable the "smb" under your "services" in the window X
2. check your /etc/samba/smb.conf  file, for "hosts allow"
3. you need to allow certain network range to access the samba server you had enabled in your "services".
                 hosts allow = 192.168.1.
4. in your window X, follow the steps "system->server settings->samba". You need to configure the folder you would share out , and who have the rights to the folder and you may add in the samba user from here.
5. the last steps, "restart" your "smb" in the services"

hope this helps.

You could also install ftp on the windows server (part of IIS), and then just use an ftp client on the linux box to copy the files.
blue_hunterTechnical ConsultantCommented:
or, you may download "winscp"
as an alternate solution (remeber, the great thing about linux is lots of choice!)

you could install Microsoft SFU  (Services for unix) on the windows box, and export NFS shares from there. Then you could mount them in linux.

mount windowsservername:/sharename /mnt/sharename

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