Logmein ITReach replacement?

Is there any other software that will do the job of LOGMEIN ITreach??

When a customer has a problem but does have a client installed we would like to just connect to them by using their IP address as ITreach does.

Is there an alternative as it seems quite expensive to use ITReach.

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Fermin SanchezConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
If you don't mind that the tool is interactive, try NetViewer (http://www.netviewer.ch). It consists of two applications, both small and requiring no installation. Other than a logfile, they produce not footprint. Basically, you start the "supporter" application and a random support code is then generated. Your customer starts the customer application and enters that code. The good thing about NetViewer is the architecture of the application: I have yet to come across a configuration where it doesn't work.
micromcAuthor Commented:
oh i forgot, we need it to go through most firewalls via port 80 or another open port..  
micromcAuthor Commented:
yes but this solution still needs the user to have to customer application on their computer which might be a problem.

ITreach alows you to enter in the IP address of the computer and then asks the customer if the support guy can take control, i think it works using java and also doesn't depend on the user having an application on their computer.

any ideas?
Fermin SanchezCEOCommented:

Yes, you need an app on the customer pc. the app is relatively small - about 390 kb - and leaves no footprint. No admin rights are required to run it, and no installation.

and it's not java based, so you don't need the java runtime installed.
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