Roaming profiles and mandatory group profiles

Hi all

Working on our first DC and picking up quite a lot as we go !

I want 3 users in a particular dept to be able to use any one of 3 machines in their area, using roaming profiles so their desktops move with them, etc.  It works fine but because their My Documents folder is synchronised every time with the server, all 3 users files are duplicated on all 3 clients as well as the server.  I appreciate this is default behaviour but if their folders get large, the desktops are going to run out of space.  What's the quickest way to change this behaviour and is it normal?  Surely in bigger organisations, there could be 10's of users logging into different desktops and there would be duplicates all over the place, and very full desktop local drives!

I'm also trying to work out the best way to deal with standardising desktops for the above.  I appreciate I can rename ntuser.dat to and prevent users' settings changes from being saved.  I'd like all 3 desktops to be the same, and would prefer to use a GROUP mandatory profile, so all users get the same one, but I get the impression if I do that, e-mail settings and other user-specific environments like My Documents will also be standardised across all three desktops (we outsource e-mail so don't have an Exchange server).  Is that correct?



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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi SimonUK,

you are much better using the folder redirection utility rather than roaming profiles, saves you a lot load on the network and profile buildup
check out the profile redirection

as far as standardisation goes, you can pretty much standardies a desktop via group policy
SimonUKAuthor Commented:

Also when standardising profiles - let's say I set up a user called John Brown just the way I want the desktop to appear.  I then copy the profile back to the server, ensure the allowed user is correct - then set the path to the profile correctly in the user's properties - and all works well.

If I then want to copy that desktop design back to the profiles again, this time for user Joe Smith and follow the same procedure - it works but in the users' profile folder on the SERVER, the documents folder is still named after John Brown.  I appreciate it doesn't make much difference but what's the NORMAL way of doing this (creating a sort of default desktop) ?

SimonUKAuthor Commented:
Brilliant - that link clears up a LOT of confusion about using roaming profiles and the importance of doing folder redirection with it.

As for standardisation, I'll do some more research and start a new question for that if I need more info.

Thanks very much.

no worries, let me know if you need help with your GPO settings

here is a cool link
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