Access dbs-file with odbc?

I need to access data of a dbs-file. (SQL-Base Server 7.6.1)
I can't find an ODBC-Driver... but it has to exist one.
Can anyone help?

Thank you very much!
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SQL Base supposedly supports

Pure Java (level 4) JDBC
C/C++ (DLL and linked)
Visual Basic and Delphi

Have u looked at Gupta's website (Im assuming this is part of Gupta) -

If u know the files, perhaps u can google it to try find those particular files (if u cant find on Gupta site)

ok, got this from a website

How do I connect to SQLBase with ODBC? What files do I need?"

                First of all you need the ODBC driver for SQLBase: sqlbaseodbc.dll (8.1) or
      c2gup15.dll (7.6.1). You also need the client API for SQLBase, i.e. sqlwntm.dll
      and sqlngci.dll. To communicate with the server from the API you need a communication
      protocol, usually tcp/ip, i.e. sqlws32.dll. Finally you need to configure the
      sql.ini file so that - in this case - the tcp/ip protocol is loaded and the
      right serverpath is set.

      Note that sqlodb32.dll is Team Developers library for ODBC and not SQLBase
      ODBC driver.

arthrexAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your fast answer.
I've already searched on gupta's website.
It's just possible to download a driver's pack for version 9. (and I'm not able to use it with Version 7 I think)

So I need to download c2gup15.dll and the others files anywhere in the web?
theres nearly no result by googeling that word?!
and no download?!?!
Have u tried contacting their support? see what they say?
arthrexAuthor Commented:

I've found the drivers on an installation cd of multivers software.
Multivers uses this database and packed a bundle of drivers on this cd.
Thanks anyway for your help!
alright cool
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