change Oracle SID for Veritas Back-up exec agent

Hi there,

we run an Oracle database version 10g which we want to back-up with the (Veritas) Symantec back-up exec Oracle agent.

The Oracle database has an SID of 10 characters, the problem is that the back-up exec agent can only fit 8 characters for the database SIDthat we want to back-up.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? (change SID name, install patch for Symantec, create an Alias) Please include step by step instructions.

Thanks alot
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haidersyedConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1-  Shutdown Database
2-  Take a complete cold copy of database
3-  Shutdown immediate or startup nomount
4-  nid target="sys as sysdba" dbname=haider1
provide the password

Haider1 is the new dbname

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
First:  I haven't messed with Veritas for a long time so I my be way off base but...

I'm thinking that Veritas uses the tnsnames.ora to get it's info.  Try creating an alias with a shorter name and give that to Veritas.

If you aren't familiar with the tnsnames.ora file I would not edit it by hand.  Use the Oracle Network Configuration Assistant to create another alias.
geert_zaalAuthor Commented:
Can you give a step by step instruction how to use the Oracle Network Configuration Assistant to create an 8 character alias for Oracle 10g????

your help will be very appreciated!!
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Dear geert Zaal
 For this you either have to change database sid using NID utility
it will not work with tnsname change because veritas picks sid from machine
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Thanks for clarifying that.  I was going from some very old and tired brain cells.  Can you continue to help geert_zaal with this?
Please remember to create a pfile from spfile before new database creation
 and change dbname and instance_name in that Pfile
and startup mount with that pfile
after that open database with resetlogs

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