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Hi everybody I have been researching effective keywords to use with our new campaign. I have found a handful of keywords that have relivancy to what our company does but do not know if these keywords would be the best to use or which ones to push for. So far here are some keywords we have come up with.

(387) Medical Bill Audit
(166) Medical Audit
(93) Medical Claim Audit
(70)Medical Record Audit
(58)audit documentation medical
(40) Medical Billing Audit
(26) hospital auditing
(0) Hospital Bill Auditing
(38)medical billing error
(42)billing error (this keyword might be ruled out since there is a wide range of billing errors that are unrelated to what our company does)
(0) Hospital Billing Error
(79)nurse auditor

These are all of the keywords I have come up with and ran them into (Keyword Tool)

and based on the numbers in the () its says those are how many times people searched under those keywords in teh month of March 2006 which is only for Overture so I am assuming those numbers could be fluctuated highly with all of the other popular search engines. Now my question is how many of those keywords should I actually use? Which ones would be best? Or would It be a good idea to try and use all of those keywords or would it be too much? Thanks in advance.


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ShaneJonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
they are all about equal importance however relavent inbound links are what primarily gain you your page ranks.

10-15 main keywords for sitewide optimisation would be sufficient.

the ones with the most search results would be better because that is the targetted traffic that is searching for that keyword...

Home from work now, will give you an expanded answer.

also run your competitors through this tool

choose googlebot

this will bring back all of the information a spider will read fomr the given page.

enter your competitor and voi la

look for the part of the results labelled

"Keywords found on page"

this is usually what keywords your competitors are optimising for. I tend to try and optimise for a mix of my competitors as well as the ones i want for my site.

JoeAuthor Commented:
Good idea Shane, about how many keywords do you try for? Is keyword density as important as having inbound links? Thanks.
JoeAuthor Commented:
How many keywords should I target for? What is a good strategy for this. So far I have about 17 keywords should I try and utilize all of these keywords or try to narrow them down?


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