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Novell Login attempt:Netware Security Message-The tree or server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or server

I cannot logon to my Novell server.  Here are the console messages on boot:

5-16-2006   12:11:25 am:   COMN-3.0-38 [nmID=A0006]

Mounting Bolume Sys

5-16-2006   9:03:54 am    COMN-3.0-38 [nmID=A0006]

NSS-2.70-5003: NSS Volume CBA_SERVER_NEW/SYS_IV almost out of disk space

Adding swap file to “SYS”                                   [error]

5-16-2006   9:07:31 am   DS-10320-29-264

Bindery open requested by the SERVER

Loading Mdule DXEVENT.NLM                            ]ok]

Loading Module NMAS.NLM                               [unresolved]

5-16-2006   9:10:10 am   DS-10320-29-262

Directory Services: Local database is open

** SYS mounted successfully



When I attempt to login, I get:
Novell Login attempt:

Netware Security Message

The tree or server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or server.  Select the Workstation Only checkbox to login to the local workstation.  Would you still like to login to Windows

Pleae help!

1 Solution
1)  NetWare server, not Novell server.
2)  What version of  NetWare,  any SP's?
3)  What version of the Novell  client?  
4)  What protocol(s) is/are bound to the server?
5)  What protocol(s) is/are bound to the client?

We'll pick it up again after you answer the questions.
While you need to answer ShineOn's queries, I'd suspect that you don't have SLP (Service Location Protocol) configured properly.
Ditto - sounds like SLP. If you're on a different subnet to the server you'll need this configured. Try putting the IP of the server in the TREE box, then hit the context browse button. If you can browse the tree, your question is answered.
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TonyCasazza007Author Commented:
My Bad - Novell (brain fart)

Novell 6.0  Console monitor 12.01 b
Server Version 5.60  Sept 13’ 2001

I am trying to help out a friend and I don't know a thing about Novell...sorry.  They are just trying to get the server started so that they can get the user files copies off the box.  They cannot login...see initial message.

The utilization is at 100% and we cannot log in to delete files

Sample of repeating log messages:
Loader cannot find publicsymbol: NWDSFreeContext for Module NLMETER.NLM
Loader cannot find publicsymbol: NWDSGetContext for Module NLMETER.NLM
Loader cannot find publicsymbol: NWDSSetContext for Module NLMETER.NLM
Loader cannot find publicsymbol: NWDSLogoutContext for Module NLMETER.NLM

Module Connaud.NLM cannot be loaded until NLSMETER.NLM is loaded
Module LSAPI.NLM cannot be loaded until NETNLM32  is loaded
Module LSAPI.NLM cannot be loaded until CLXNLM32 is loaded
Module DESVENT.NLM cannot be loaded until NETLN32 is loaded

If you can, can you give me specific steps to debug the situation.

Thank you - Tony
Well, Novell is a company, for starters.  I'm assuming the server is NetWare 6.0 with no support packs.

The repeating error messages are probably peripheral to the login issue, but it's tough to log in to NW6.x without knowing the protocol you're using and the eDirectory tree structure.  I'd guess it's a NetWare SP-level issue, meaning the server should be brought current.  The last SP for NetWare 6.0 was SP5.

Tree or server not found is usually from not being able to find an NCP server.  (NCP = NetWare Core Protocol).  If it's a TCP/IP setup, that indicates a problem with SLP, as was stated.  If it's IPX, it could be frame type mismatch or wrong network number, or it could be a physical network connection issue in either case.

Not knowing the version of the Novell Client32 also makes it tough, 'cause there were issues with certain combinations of client OS/Client32 version/Client32 support pack along with the protocol thing.

Try adding "LOAD NETNLM32.NLM" in startup.ncf in c:\nwserver\ such a problem was observed in NW 4.11, might be affective also here.

Check http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?10053798.htm

Note that if basic load order is that hosed in NetWare 6x,  you've got  bigger problems, and  using a fix from NetWare 4.11 like that should be ONLY a temporary workaround until you fix the underlying problem, and not considered a solution.

You may have to blow away the NetWare registry and re-create it - there are  specific  instructions for that in the knowledgebase.

Further, if this server is  not yet  at SP5, you should plan to get it to SP5 soon, or you should expect to run into other problems like this one.

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