No Network Adapter Icons in properties

Ok, I am an online poker player, and a retired Cisco and MS engineer, so you guys get the idea of how I am able to troubleshoot on my own. I purchased a monthly subscription to this service, because this being resolved is very important to me and my cash flow. However, I have gone through just about everything I can possibly think to do and I am on a dead end thus far. I am now going to see if my $9.95 is really going to help me in getting this resolved. So, I will first off give the back ground on the situation and what I have done thus far and where I am looking to resolve this.

A while back I was hit with a couple deep rooted worms and trojans and after about 10-20 hours of work I removed them. I have had no problems since then and everything is working fine. I have shut down a business of mine and have a printer my wife wanted me to hook up, she said you know I can't even see your computer on the network. Interesting I go and look and sure enough many of the services need to be seen are not running or put on manual for some reason. So, I start them and do not think much more about it, nope I still can't see you on the net....hmmm....let me go take another look...well that is odd I have no adapters in the properties for netowork. I have Internet, however it is sporadic now that I have started to try and resolve this, it will work fine and then it will cut out. I have seen it is a DNS issue and will not resolve names, however IP specific with no translations will work fine. So, now what have I done to resolve this?

I have changed the local properties of the local security profiles - no change
I have done all the things in here: - no change
I have followed the MS article;en-us;825826&Product=winxp - no change
I have updated the drivers in the NIC - no change
I have checked the services - all working and fine
I have installed the SP2 again - failed to install with access is denied
"573.047: DoRegistryUpdates:SetupInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.ReInstall error: 0x5
573.047: INF_REGISTRY Failed
573.047: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed
573.297: UnRegisterSpuninstForRecovery, failed to delete SpRecoverCmdLine value, error 0x2
573.297:  DoInstallation: Failed to unregistering spuninst.exe for recovery.
573.297: Access is denied."

This is my only lead so far, trouble shoot the access is denied issue with the SP2, for a while yesterday I had no internet, with no hope and getting the SP2 to initiate was enough to get me back to basic net services. So, I am doing ok there now, obviously I am typing here and trying to resolve this issue. I will continue to troubleshoot the access is denied issue.

Well, this is my last shot at getting this resolved with out a restore, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you run spyware on this machine to ensure that you are not infected still with malware? I have seen this happen before when a box will get infected and after removal NICs don't function, permissions are skewed and services are set to disable or manual. What I usually will recommend in that case is a rebuild of the box, I know that is not very convienent in most cases, but it is the best course of action in most cases. Please tell me your TCP/IP settings. Do you have NetBIOS enabled?
SpineHarvestAuthor Commented:
Well, that is the last resort, and I am not looking at formatting and starting over hence why I paid the money to try and fix this in the first place. I can't tell you the TCP/IP setting because I have no adapters.

These are the current Spyware and Antivirus measures I have on my machine running.

Panda Activescan
Trend Micro
A Squared
MS Anti Spyware
Spy Cop
Spy Bot
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Okay so we should be okay as far as spyware is concerned. What I have done in the past with this type of issue was to remove the NIC and reboot the box. Then shut the box down and reinstall the NIC and its drivers. It sounds as though you have corrupted files somewhere. Have you run System File Checker on this box? If not I would run it to see if all your files are okay. Here is more information on how to do that:'s_system_file_checker.htm

Hope that helps and please post your results.
SpineHarvestAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I am now on the tables making money, so I can't go and do these things. I will report back tomorrow morning to address this issue farther.
SpineHarvestAuthor Commented:
Well, here we are another day and I was able to try the file checker, nothing changed I made another account with admin rights, nothing changed as well.

Still haning on SP2 install with access denied, hoping that the SP2 install will repair or change the files creating the problems.
In Windows Explorer right click on the C: drive and then click on the Security Tab, what are the users that have permissions and what are those permissions?
SpineHarvestAuthor Commented:
XP SP2, there is no security tab on my machine.

I have these options:

General, Tools, Hardware, Sharing, Quota.

I have tried to address the registry problems with the SP2, however I do not think I was able to give the permissions to the keys I was shooting for with the MS tool.

I was using Subinacl and running a sweep of the registry, however I do not think that the results look promissing, I am yet to run the Sp2 yet.

Elapsed Time: 00 00:15:48
Done:    82928, Modified    82924, Failed        4, Syntax errors        0

That doesn't look right.
SpineHarvestAuthor Commented:
Well, looks like the SP2 was the link that fixed this problem, so I had a feeling and that was it. The subinacl program running through the registry with errors still resolved enough issues to make the SP2 go through properly. Once the SP2 installed all the way through, it fixed whatever underlining issue there was with the system. I figure it was something to do with services and reg policy security screwed with from a worm infection which attacked them, there are a couple annoying things still here...admin account is hidden now because I had to make a new big deal I can get around that.

So, unfortunately no money for the experts...I resolved it on my own...but thanks for the effort.
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