Problem with TV output

I have a new Toshiba Satellite L10 Laptop. I want to see the windows Desktop on my TV. I attached a new S-Video cable to it. I Pressed the Fn+F5 Hotkey and I saw a menu. I chose TV but nothing happens. What is wrong? What should I do to see the windows Desktop on my TV? Please Help.

I checked the S-Video cable with some other device and it is good. I even downloaded the new Graphic card driver but no lock.
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amateur83Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Some laptops require to press Fn+F5 a few times
Wooky JackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when you right click and go to properties/settings tab/click advanced

do you see any tv/monitor options to apply?

make sure that the "video 1" or "video 2" ,ect is enabled and go through those until you see your desktop!  You won't be able to see the desktop on the regular channels such as 3 or 4.

what kind of tv is it?  what kind of video card do you have?

I'm glad to help, let me know!

behrouz1Author Commented:
In the properties/settings tab, I see 2 displays (1,2). I am sure about my TV. My Laptop's Display adapter is "Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller".

Pressing Fn+F5 couple of times does not help either!!!

What should I do now?
MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your TV also needs to be in AUX mode to pick up the laptop signal.
Wooky JackCommented:
AUX is right behrouz1, that's the word I was looking for sparkmaker, g1 ;)
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