Windows 2003 Server reboots each morning after replacing a tape backup

We have a Dell Server, the Tape Backup was bad on it and Dell replaced it with a new one.  Most mornings about 5:00 or 6:00 the server reboots.  The tape drive was replace on 4/20 and the server has rebooted
4/21      5:12 AM
4/22      5:13 AM
4/25      5:23 AM
4/26      5:34 AM
4/28      5:39 AM
5/2      6:10 AM
5/3      6:20 AM
5/4      6:21:06 AM
5/5      6:21:32 AM
5/6      6:21:59 AM
5/9      6:31 AM
5/10      6:42:05 AM
5/11      6:42:31 AM
5/12      6:42:59 AM
5/13      6:43 AM
5/16      6:53 AM

Any ideas??  The eventID is 6008 and it says "the Previous System Shoutdown was unexpected".  This server has a UPS and the PowerChute Monitor Performance Summary has no event to report for last week.  So I do not think it is power related.  This issue started the day the tape back up was replaced.  But the Veritas backup jobs run ok evey night and they end about 2-3 AM.  
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It appears to be backup related as the reboots are occuring after your backups finish, Tuesday - Saturday.  I'll bet that is when your backups run?
To see if it is related to the tape backup, I would be tempted to adjust the time frame of the backup by 2-3 hours and see if it affects you reboot time.

The other thing I would look at is what is going on in the Event Log at around then.

Other than that I would verify my SCSI chain is properly terminated and consider reapplying the latest service packs to both windows and veritas.
"The eventID is 6008 and it says "the Previous System Shoutdown was unexpected".  "  Are there any event viewer errors right before this (before the server starts to boot back online)  Check the application log too...
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briant97Author Commented:
Thanks for pointing out the backup related issue (Tuesday - Saturday).  I stopping the eject command on the tape backup to see if that will stops the reboot issue, If not tomorrow I will put that night job on hold to see if that changes anything.
One other thing I would likely do is update the Veritas.  Backup Exec had service packs and updated drivers for almost every version of the product.  This could very well be part of the issue.  Additionally, I would check to see if there is an updated SCSI driver if the tape drive uses a SCSI interface.
briant97Author Commented:
Stopping the eject command after the job did not stop the reboot of the server.  So I am putting the jobs on hold for tonight to see if the server reboots.  If it does then it not job related and if does not reboot then I know it is something related to the jobs on Veritas.
briant97Author Commented:
the issue is related to veritas backup (I stop the job and the reboot stopped). I update the windows server with all the patches, also I update veritas with SP.  Still when the nightly job runs (does not matter if it is successful or not) the server reboot some hours later.  Any Ideas?
Veritas is now owned by Symantec.  I would follow up with their customer support and try to find the problem.  Obviously, the problem does not occur if the backup does not run, so it is most likely a software issue, however, it could be hardware related or any number of othe things too.

You're going to need to get some log fils to Symantec and work with them to at least narrow it down to a few things you can test.  I just experienced a similar problem with Veritas which took three months to resolve and ended up being the Dell tap backup drive.  It was replaced and all is now well.

You have a job ahead of you.  If your support contract has expired with them, you can still surf their site for technical support similarities and use their forums.
briant97Author Commented:
I uninstall the veritas and installed it again and that fixed the issue
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