Blocking And Monitoring a Laptop on my Network

Ive a wireless router, ive got my PC connected to it and a Laptop which my sister owns connected to to it.  I want to be able to monitor and admin the laptop remotely.
I can block sites with the netgear router setup but i want to be able to have more control and block a site and make it look like its "unavailable" i.e not ook like i blocked it.

Is there a simple way to do this?

The laptop has XP Home
My PC has XP Pro SP 2
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
you can't admin remotely without active directory or some method for managing a group policy.

you can do it locally on the computer, by changing the local group policy on it.

if your only interest is blocking a web site and making it look "unavailable" instead of blocked, you can do this by setting up a proxy, or by getting a more robust router that allows you to choose what gets displayed when a site is blocked.

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If the computers are members of the a workgroup, you can perform some limited remote administration.

1.) You can use Remote Desktop to access your sis' computer. On her computer, right-click "My Computer" and choose "Properties", click the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer". By default, the local administrator has this right, so you could log in as this user, or, you could creat a new user with admin privileges and add that user with the "Select Remote Users" tab. This will allow you to access her computer from yours but she will be disconnected and locked out if she is on the computer when you attempt this.

Dameware is an excellent option for monitoring another compuer anonamously in a workgroup environment, but it is roughly $300.00 (

There are some administrative tasks that can be peformed within the MMC. Go to Start --> Run --> type in MMC. This will bring up up the Microsoft Managment Console. Fo to File --> Add/Remove Snap-In --> and click the add button. Here you can select options like "Local Users and Computers", "Disk Defragmenter", or "Disk Management". Clicking one of those options will bring up a selection window that will allow you to type in the name of another computer (Basic workgroup sharing rules will apply). Now you can manage them from within the MMC.

While there may be some benefit in doing so, in your situation, it would probably be easier just to walk to her computer.

Check you Netgear manual/blocking options and see if you have the ability to customize the blocking message. You can desihn your onw blocking page and add whatever message you desire.

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