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Goldmine 6.5: All of a sudden it's slow to launch?

Posted on 2006-05-16
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-24
Hey all,
Since Friday my users are complaining that when they click their desktop GM icon it takes about a minute and a half to bring up the GM login and password dialog box. It used to be fairly quick. I've tried it and watched performance from task manager but I see  nothing unusual.  Once the login and password dialog box does appear and users login then performance seems normal

The GM desktop icon properties contain...
Target \\gm-server\Goldmine\gmw6.exe
Start in \\gm-server\Goldmine

When I launch GM directly on the server it takes about 15 seconds. Perhaps I have a network issue but other apps and the lan in general seem normal. What do you think might be going on?

PS. One thing that's odd. On launch I am now sometimes seeing a popup...

Open File - Security Warning
The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?
Name  gwm6.exe
Question by:veedar
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Accepted Solution

TommyTupa earned 2000 total points
ID: 16693827
Goldmine is being run off a network share therefore is not recognized by WindowsXP SP2 as a trusted application.

First step is to add Goldmine to the trusted sites.  See for instance:

Or  proceed with the FrontRange recommendations as shown below.

Once you've solved the trusted sites issue let us know if the performance problem was resolved.

---Via FronttRange--
Windows XP Service Pack 2 enhances the security of your computer by tracking files that have been downloaded from the web and that could potentially harm your computer by running or installing malicious programs. Specifically, Windows checks that those programs have a digital signature attached.

Digital signatures verify the authenticity of software and contain information about the publisher of the software.

The GoldMine installer has a digital signature but the application does and the GoldMine application is likely not installed on the local machine.


Create a local install of Goldmine on the workstation. To create a local workstation install on your machine follow these steps:

1. Browse to the GoldMine folder on the server using Windows Explorer.
2. Browse to the sub-folder "setup" then the sub folder called "GoldMine".
3. Verify there is a file there called "gm6setup.exe". This is the installer file for GoldMine. If it is not there then check with your system administrator as to where the file could be that was used to install this version of GoldMine and place it here.
4. You will need to be logged into Windows on the local machine with a Windows user that has Administrator rights.
5. Log back into GoldMine on your workstation with a user that has master rights in GoldMine.
6. Go to File>>Configure>>License Manager>>>Install Locally tab.
7. In the "Install GoldMine in local path:" section, point it to C:\Program files\GoldMine\
8. Select the "Install GoldMine Locally" button.

When done there will be a workstation install on your PC. You may need to delete your old shortcut and create a new one to the "gmw6.exe' file located now on you new local directory.

Otherwise the GoldMine application will need to be added to the list of application not to be warned about using Windows Group Policy.

NOTE: The following information is provided as-is and not supported by FrontRange Solutions Support. For more information please contact your Windows Network Administrator, GoldMine solutions partner or Microsoft support.

First verify that FrontRange Solutions is not listed in the "Untrusted Publisher" list in Internet Explorer. This can be checked in internet Explorer by going to:

1. Tools>Internet Options>Content Tab.
2. Select "Publisher" button.
3. Select the "Untrusted Publisher" tab.

To add GoldMine to the list of low risk files using Windows Group Policy:

1. Start the Group Policy Editor (Start>Run then type gpedit.msc and press OK).
2. Go to User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows
Components>Attachment Manager
3. Configure "Inclusion list for low file types" to Enabled and enter executables (*.exe) as the file type you don't want to be warned about.
4. Close the Group Policy Editor then try to run GoldMine again.
5. If successful and done, you might wish to undo the changes you made in the Group Policy Editor to help protect the system.
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Author Comment

ID: 16709223
Thanks TommyTupa ,
I think I have the popup situation resolved. But it did not improve performance any.

I followed the instructions to install GM locally. I did have to hunt and find the 6.5 version of "gm6setup.exe" which I copied to my setup\Goldmine folder after first renaming the 6.0 version that was there named GM6SETUP.exe.
And now I see the local version is much faster it takes about 10 seconds to launch. So I have a work around now.

but I'm still wondering what's the cause of my original report of slowness.

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Expert Comment

ID: 16710232
Your reported performence issues are commonly seen with AntiVirus software. Try disabling the anti-virus to see if performance improves.  If you see a performance improvement than be sure to configure the AVS to ignore dbf's.

Also, just for kicks, I'd test to see if a difference exists pointing the share shortcut at an IP-Address vs your server name (e.g. \\\Goldmine vs \\MyServername\Goldmine). If so than you've got a DNS issue.

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Author Comment

ID: 16721014
Thanks, I tried diasabling AntiVirus but that didn't help.  And no joy using the IP address. At this point I'm thinking my networking people may have done something. I'm looking into that possiblility.
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Expert Comment

ID: 16728036
just throwing my 2 cents in; but have you considered compacting the GM databases?  (best or worse case, you'd have at least clean out all of the white space)

I can't imagine your network group doing anything that could affect an application login process.

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Expert Comment

ID: 16731460
I believe this is MSSQL.  If so compacting should not be done.  SQL server manages indexes and unused space on its own. In fact if this is MSSQL compacting runs the risk of destroying your database entirely (I've seen it happen more than once). If necessary I can explain this in more detail.

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Author Comment

ID: 16742001
Well I had to add some fields to the mailings tab this morning so during that downtime window I moved the system to another switch on the network and rebooted. After this work GM now launches as fast as it did before, less than 10 seconds.

We are migrating to Salesforce over the summer so I just need GM to run for a little bit longer so I don't think I'll compact the database or anything like that. And yes we run GM on top of MSSQL 7.


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