Hard drive recommendations

I am looking to get 3 large drives. I see that Maxtor & Seagate both have 500Gb dives available. Does anyone have any advice on most reliable manufacturer.

I am personally a bit down on Seagate, but I've also heard others moan about Maxtor.

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Viper2299Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Western Digital has 500GB hard drives available with a 5 year warranty.  I personally have used hard drives from all three vendors, and have found WD to be very reliable, and honest in warranty replacement.

CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I like Seagate and their warranty reflects their confidence in their drives.  Consumer-level Maxtors have gotten a bad reputation in some circles, but it may boil down to individual experiences.
hgj1357Author Commented:
Thanks guys!
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