Make BE 10 fail over to 2nd tape device

I have a dds4 drive and a lto2 drive.  The main backup runs to the dds4 drive everynight.  There is a tape in the lto2 drive for backing up computers on the network.  If the nightly job on the dds4 drive doesn't run (cause the staff didn't change the tape) or if it fails, can a job be triggered to run to the certance lto2 drive?

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Try creating a cascaded drive pool with the DDS2 listed first and the LTO2 listed second and direct the job to use this drive pool as the device and it might work. Cascaded drive pools are primarily for putting the first half of the backup on one tape drive and the second on another if the job overflows one tape but it might also work if the primary tape drive is offline or unavailable.
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I'll test this next week, hopefully.  - gsgi
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