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Any CD distro mount perc partiton

If a Windows server with a Raid 5 craps out, are there any bootable linux cd's that can help - boot the thing and mount the raid partition?


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You mean SOFTWARE RAID or HARDWARE RAID?  If Hardware, there is nothing for the software to do - the hardware does it - if the hardware failed on a hardware RAID, you need to sent it to a data recovery - assuming the usual fixes don't work (bringing a drive back online).
gsgiAuthor Commented:
I guess I mean the equivalent of whatever the F6-load-driver process does in windows.

I have to F6 and load "drivers" sata drives and perc raid volumes, would I have to do this if I boot under say knoppix?

I think at least 50% of the time or more when windows won't boot a raid partition, it is intact, hardware-wise.
(And in this case in particular, as I am helping with a thread in w2000, the lights on the perc are green.)
So I was wondering if booting knoppix would get him to his NTFS files on the volume since he does not
have a backup.

You can try knoppix, it may or may not have built in support for perc controllers, you'd just have to try...

Knoppix should pick up a Perc controller just fine. It's the aacraid module if memory serves correctly. It will also automatically mount any partitions it finds on the array and drop you a nice shortcut on the desktop.

However, if the RAID is broken I'm afraid the news is not good. The way RAID stripes work is to distribute data across a number of discs. RAID5 will allow you to loose a disc without compromising data integrity, but (depending on your config) if you loose more than that, you can pretty much consider your data gone to a large extent. For smaller RAID5's I would for example setup an array of 5 discs, plus another disc as a hotspare. That way if a disc fails, the hotspare kicks in automatically, rebuilds the data the dead drive contained, and everything's back to normal.Data Recovery might be an option, but it will cost you many thousands of pounds (or dollars if you live in the kingdom of dubya), and there will be no guarantee what they will or will not be able to recover.

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