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I have a page with a table containing several small thumbnails - what i am trying to achieve is ; when a user presses one of the thumnails a correctly sized popupwindow appears containing a larger version of the picture - the window will be the exact size of the picture. I cannot find anyway in fontpage to do this ?
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Eme-EleonuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Whos says it cant be done with FP alone?

1. FP already authomatically does this for you if you insert the big image and then select AuthThumb nail from the Pictures Toolbar. (only snag is, it does not wrap in a tight fitting window for you.

So, create insert the small image, then select it, switch to HTML view, and add this code to the <imG tag.

<img src="smallimage.gif" onclick="newwindow= window.open('bigimage.jpg', 'Name' 'widht= 120, height= 100, screen Y=300, top=300, left=300'); newwindow.focus(); return false">

thats it you should get it right if you set the values to closely match your big image. you can also leave out the Sreen Y, top cordinates if you dont want to position the window.
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
that's because you can't do it with frontpage alone, you need to employ the help of some scripting.  no worries though, its not too difficult - check out these detailed article/tutorials:



You might also check out Spawn by Jimco Addins: http://www.jimcosoftware.com/addins.aspx

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