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I have a very basic FTP site set up for my company (not in production yet). I need to know if this is possible:

- Give all domain users permissions to read/write to the root and subdirectories of my site from their workstations (internal IP addresses)
- Supply outsiders with temporary usernames/passwords to access the FTP site and download (and occasionally upload) data.  
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You should be able to do this using a mix of permissions. NTFS permissions apply to all types of requests. Web permissions apply only to HTTP requests. See this for further information:

Yes, for the outsiders create a local account in your FTP server, and make sure to give the required access to them, for internal users use any domain local gorup and give the access.

Hope this help
Thats correct :)  And it should work nicely...
tenoverAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I was under the impression that it was a bad idea to do that, because the credentials are passed in clear text, thus allowing a hacker to grab them and login to the machine possibly....
Well...yes and no. Having an anonymous FTP can be a bad thing if you allow all users to write to it. I have seen many a FTP server get filled with warez this way, its not good. I would consider using an upload script that will allow your users to upload files similar to this, but there are a bunch online, mostly free:


If you just set the perms for http users to read then they will just be able to download files and not write to the FTP server, which is very secure. I have used the form based upload scripts before and they work great. Here is some more information on Windows FTP setup and configuration:


hth :)
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