DNS Servers not accessible

I had an old Symantec Enterprise firewall That is working currently.  It is also acting as our current dns server using sprints dns numbers for the internet dns lookup.  I am trying to switch over to a sonicwall.  This does not act as a dns server.

Under the old configuration I have a win2K server that our pc's point to as the primary dns which forwards to the ip of the firewall.

I tried setting up the new Sonicwall 4100 firewall and one issue was that the dns servers that sprint gives us do not work configured on the firewall interface , but when I put in a public dns server It does work.  

Another issue is that internet access is slow under the new firewall, unless the ipconfig of the client has the gateway configured as the internal firewall address and the dns of an external dns server like not the win2k dns server.

The current gateway configured on the clients, points to the internal router which then forwards it to the firewall. With the old configuration I had the w2k dns server forwarding to the ip of the firewall under the new I have it forwarding (ideally to my sprint dns numbers that don't work) to

I want to get the sprint dns numbers working under the new firewall, I know they work under the old system ( or At least they are defined on the External nic card) I also want to know why it is slow with the new firewall.

Any help would be appreciated

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rage419Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you pull out the forwarder on the Win2k server DNS and your domain does not end in '.', the DNS server should then send requests to the true DNS root servers directly and bypass sprints possibly overload DNS server entirely.

Ensure though that your root hints are updated and show up in the root hints tab in DNS properties.
pmathisAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply,Since My last message I had been able to get the slow internet access down to a slight delay.  There is still a small slowdown.  Unfortunately I can only test it after hours since I have to keep the old (working) one in place during regular hours.
I will try your suggestion of pulling the fowarders out.
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