Unable to install Printer. The Print Processor does not exist

I have a SBS2003 SP1 server with 5 end users. Installed updates yesterday on the server to patch an exchange vunarability http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=82AE4397-0982-4585-84C1-DC1AF6944A0F&displaylang=en
and since then I have lost my HP4300 network printer. I attempted to add it but I got the following error message at the very end of the printer setup install: "Unable to install Printer. The Print Processor does not exist.". I have restarted the server and restated the print spooler service. Google the error message and the first thing that came up was this link: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=906752 Need assistance. Going to attempt to configure the end users to print directly to the printer via IP ports. Prefer not to do this but need to get them up.
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Hi Alexziogas,

have you spoken to MS and got the hotfix from them yet? i highly advice doing so.......

has the printer dissapeared on the server itself?
AlexziogasAuthor Commented:
The hotfix did not apply or work for my situation.  

The fix was going into the registry and local drive and deleting every existance of all printers and then rebooting and resinstalling the printers from scratch.  

Thanks any way.

I would like to close this out.  
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