Curious about openswan ipsec for linux

Curious about openswan ipsec for linux.

Does this work well ( with the latest suse 10.2 )?

Does it pay well with Microsoft Clients if the server is linux ?

No hurry on this, I am just debateing on tryilng this.    If you have used it you likely know this one without researching it :)
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Considering almost 80% of the world's servers are running Apache on some form of Linux ( what you are wanting to do is quite common place.

While Linux is Linux, there's still room for some compatability issues, but generally speaking you should be able to install it no problem...I see that openswan does have some SuSe RPM packages...

Your clients should work fine with it, we are using ipsec to segment various aspects of our office lan -> datacenter communications, and we never have any problems. In fact one of the boxes is SuSe, the other is Gentoo.

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