mailbox properties are not populating in the user properties for new AD accounts

Not able to create new Exchange 2003 mailboxes via the AD Users and Computers console.  The NT account works fine and logs in properly. The mailbox creation process also appears to create mailboxes as expected, however none of the Exchange property tabs are populating.  

I've tried logging into the domain with the new user account and accessing the new mailbox, but it does not appear in the GAL.
Since the Recepient Update Policy did not populate the smtp addresses, I created one manually, then sent email to it.  (UNSUCCESSFUL)
Restarted the Information Store and all other MS Exch services....(UNSUCCESSFUL)
Re-applied SP2....(UNSUCCESSFUL)

There are two Exchange servers in my environment (A & B).  A is the original, B is the new target Exchange server ('03).  I want to migrate all mail to the B server, replicate all system and public folders, as well as connectors.  The above issue applies to both servers.

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amaheshwariConnect With a Mentor Commented:

First go to exchange sytem manager and then go to recipient Update Service .Right Click on RUS and click update now it will stamp email address on User Account in ADUC.Otherwise

Please refer this to troubleshoot RUS:
al_mateoAuthor Commented:
Creating a new Recepient Update Policy appears to have resolved my issue.
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