Backing up IIS 6.0 configs to a Windows 2000 Server running IIS 5.0

I have a W2K3 Pro server hosting several hundred sites. As a disaster recovery plan, I also have a remote W2K Server pulling a copy of the wwwroot folder into itself weekly via FTP. The idea being that if the main box goes down, I just swap DNS on all my sites and all is well.

The problem is that I don't have the sites set up in IIS 5.0 on the backup server. I could spend hours creating the accounts or (hopefully) I can backup the IISconfigs from the main box (IIS 6.0) and have them pull to the remote server along with the sites themselves.

1. Can the IIS configs be backed up and restored on another machine?
2. If so, can IIS 6.0 configs be restored on IIS 5.0 ?
3. HOW?!?!?

Thanks in advance,
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1)you can export your configuration as xml an import to another server (IIS6 <-> IIS6)
2) I tryed something (restoring bk, change metabase.bin)  without success

For my migration (IIS5 ->IIS6) I  used a mix of the following sowtware :
info about tools:
download  tools:
Using Command-Line Administration Scripts IIS6

iis5 <-> iis5
iis6 <-> iis6
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