Code to print label to Zebra 2746e printer for VB.Net

How do I print to the Zebra (Eltron) 2746e using Zebra has a program called LPrint that allowed you to select a label from a dialog box and print it without opening the Label design software, but it does not support the 2746e print driver. I started to create a similar program in VB.Net to do the same thing. I can get the program to access the path and file name to the label when it is selected, but I can not get it to print to the printer. Zebra hasn't much help with this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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bman9111Connect With a Mentor Commented:
no....I thought u had data from a database and just wanted to print to the zebra printer....What u could do is check to see if zebra has any coms u could reference....Or give me a link to the software u are using and I can try to see if there is a way to incorporate it into vb...

Up to u

pretty basic to do...All i would do is make sure u have the printer installed on your pc. Then create a crystal report file and make the default printer the zebra printer. I have the same one at one time and it worked great. I then had my crystal report tied to a dataset and then populated it with data I wanted to display on the report.

Pretty easy way of doing things...

Hope that helped..
WesGoadAuthor Commented:
These reports are created using the Zebra Software. They have a .lbl extension. Will these still print using this method?
WesGoadAuthor Commented:
I emailed Zebra for a Com Ref. I've seen many posts to send the epl2 commands for the label to the printer, but I don't know how to be that with VB .NET.

WesGoadAuthor Commented:
Zebra sent me the following link to a VB.NET sample. It worked with a little head scratching and trial and error. Thanks for the help! 

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