VPN connection slow

I have a Firebox III 700 and a soho 5 at 2 locations. Both are running on windows 2000 server networks. I have a client that does accounting at one location which connects with a VPN connection to a network drive at the other location. Its a little slow accessing files directly from the folder but when using the accounting program to connect to the network drive its unbelievably slow. Is there a way to improve the speed of the connection without investing additional money? Thanks in advance
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The way to run apps fast over a VPN is with a terminal server. I think a Windows terminal server client license is about $75. But you said no additional money.
Luckily, Windows XP Pro comes with a one session terminal server built in called Windows Remote Desktop. I would just take an old XP pro workstation (XP home won’t work) install the accounting software on it and put it on the local network where the data is. Then setup a Remote Desktop Connection on the accountant’s machine to control it over the VPN. And you’ve got yourself a poor-mans terminal server.
Without additional costs? Probably not. This most likely is directly related to the ineternet connection speeds at both ends of the vpn. If they are on cheap asymmetrical lines (adsl/cable) it's probably due to the slow upload speeds (usually 128-256k).  
Have you checked your MTU settings on your VPN boxes try setting both to auto and see if that helps.  

If that doesn't work try leaving 1 set to auto and change the other end to 1458.

Good Luck
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