New Outlook installation shows different calendar view than in the past

I have just installed a new instance of Outlook 2003 on a new machine. When I click on the Calendar view, in the Navigation panel at the left there is a _useless_, nearly empty area referring to "My Calendars." In all previous installations, when in the Calendar view, the Mail Folders view remained in the Navigation Panel.

How do I get this view back? That view was always there by default in my numerous previous installs.
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After displaying the folder list in the Navigation Pane,
you must navigate to the calendar by clicking the appropriate folder in the folder list,
NOT by the LARGE  calendar navigation pane button.
Greetings, jasimon9 !

With Calendar view highlighted, go to View in the top menu and change the selection.

Best wishes!
You can't.

The best you can do is to keep the folder list view showing.
But even then you have to chnage folders by clicking on the appropriate folder in the folder list and not by the Navigation Pane buttons.
jasimon9Author Commented:
war1: I have tried every menu item in View, and nothing is relevant.

meinsti: how do you "keep the folder list view showing" while in the Calendar?
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