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How to respond to a double-click in a single-line drop list?

I want to run a script on a double-click in a <select> element that is SIZE='1', in other words one that looks like a single row drop list. I tried the following script, which works for SIZE greater than one, but if SIZE equals 1, it does not work.

      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
function takeAction(t)
return true
  <BODY><FORM><SELECT ONDBLCLICK="takeAction(this.options[this.selectedIndex])" SIZE='1'>
  <OPTION VALUE="opt1">opt1</OPTION>
  <OPTION VALUE="opt2">opt2</OPTION>
  <OPTION VALUE="opt3">opt3</OPTION>    

Is there a way to get it to work when SIZE='1'?
1 Solution
well i don't think the ondblclick event doesn't work within a selectbox. the ondblclick event is also not supported by all browsers
He's right. The ondblclick event will only work on a select box with a size greater than 1. However, you can change your function to allow any other element to be double clicked and present an alert.

function takeAction()
var t = document.getElementById('selList');
return true;

Then add the id to your select box:

<SELECT id="selList" SIZE='1'>

Let's say you want to have the user double click on an image to run the function (as an example). You would use the following line:

<img src="**" ondblclick="takeAction()" />

I'm not sure how you plan on using this function. Using another element to launch the function may be more intuitive than double clicking on a drop-down box.
Robert_FeldmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses.

I had wanted to use a double-click as a way to launch a form for adding more terms to the options list. I did not want to use a combo box, as I wanted to make adding terms more of a conscious effort than simply typing in the combo box's edit control, so that there would not get to be too many similar terms.

What I have decided to do is use an option list item that sorts last -- "~Add New Item~" -- as a way to launch the other form. I have an onChange script that checks for this item. If it finds it, it launches the other form.
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